5 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

The world of social media is changing every instant. It has now become essential for every business to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and happenings of the social media world. In this blog, we have listed the top 5 social media trends in 2019.

1. Social Listing

Social listing or social monitoring is the process of indexing the web and social media platforms to find all mentions of the brand and related keywords. This primarily involves untagged brand mention on social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter), mentions of the keywords that signal the interest to buy a particular good or service, blogs, news sites, and third-party platforms.

According to social media marketers, social listing will be one of the most vital social media trends in 2019. The primary reason is, social listing helps in reputation management, customer engagement, and educating the existing and potential buyers about the goods and services.

2. Live Video Contents

With the penetration of high-speed internet, video contents have simply revolutionized the social media world. It is now one of the most popular social media trends in 2019. Experts say this popularity will surge further, especially for live video contents.

The authentic live videos attract and engage a number of potential buyers, and improve brand awareness, loyalty, trustworthiness, and relevance of the business.

Thus, it goes without saying that creating compelling video contents is a must in today’s world. It doesn’t matter whether you are posting it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube; just make sure to publish exciting video contents at least once in a week.

3. Micro-Influencers

With Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube taking the world by storm, the demand for micro-influencers is growing at a constant rate. They have near about 10,000 followers, most of them are genuine buyers. Experts say micro-influencers are very engaged and considerably influence the buying decision of the followers.

However, the sad part is that most of the marketers do not target these influencers. In 2019, it is expected that micro-influencers will have a great role to play. The marketers too will realize this soon.

4. Personalization

With the market evolving every instant, understanding consumer behavior has become very important. According to experts, it is very essential to get a deep insight into the consumer’s purchase history, clicked links, and social media posts for increasing the sales and revenue.

Therefore, it is essential to analyze the behavior of the audience on social media and post contents accordingly. In the long-run, you will be able to build a personal rapport with your target customers and, in turn, convert them into actual buyers.

5. Timelines

There is no denying the fact that real-time communication is the future of marketing. This is because social media remains active 24/7. In 2019, top-notch customer support, real-time social selling, and chatbots will be the trend to look out for in social media marketing.

For instance, your customers will want their Twitter or Facebook complaint addressed as quickly as possible.

ShopizioSupport Helping Businesses Overcome The Challenges of Social Media

2019 will be a challenging year. The rapid change in the consumer behavior on social media platforms will pose a tough challenge for marketers. That’s why it is always better to contact an experienced social media marketing company to overcome these challenges.

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