Responsive Web Design: 7 Reasons Why It Is A Must

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Responsive web design is a buzzword nowadays. Every company, irrespective of its size and industry is trying their best to develop a responsive design strategy. The goal is to optimize their online presence and increase the sales and revenue.

So, let’s first discuss what a responsive web design actually is.

According to expert developers, designing a responsive website is the art of optimizing the layout of a website such that all the contents are presented in an optimal viewing way.

In other words, a responsive website is a user-friendly website, where the visitors don’t face any problem in navigating through the site on any device.

In this blog, we have cited 7 significant reasons why you must invest in adaptive web design

1. Increase in Mobile Traffic

According to a recent study, about 65% of web traffic all over the world comes from mobile devices. Thus, every business who is looking forward to leverage the potential of the online world to its fullest must have a website that seamlessly renders on small screens. In simple words, the users should never come across distorted images or experience a sub-optimal layout.

2. Faster Development at Lower Cost

Developing a responsive website takes way less time than a stand-alone mobile application. Needless to say, time is money.

A responsive web design incurs much less strain on the finances than the alternative options available out there in the market.

Experts say that even if the initial cost of building a mobile-friendly website is higher than creating two different websites, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run due to maintenance and configuration costs.

3. Higher Rankings in Search Engines

In April 2015, search engine giant Google officially launched an update that gives preference to responsive web design. Well, if you are wondering why it is important for Google, then you must understand that Google loves those who love their audiences.

It goes without saying that responsive web design is a must for improving the user experience. They have a clean and user-friendly layout, where your visitors won’t face any issues in navigating through the entire site.

Furthermore, you will have only one URL to work on. It is easy to update and can be optimized whenever required. Added to that, the loading time of a responsive website is way less than traditional websites. The browser too does not waste any second in redirecting the users to the mobile version.

4. Increases Sale and Conversion Rate

Ultimately, your goal is to improve the buyer’s journey and increase sales and conversion rate. A responsive web design eradicates quite a number of barriers that arise in case of multiple websites.

Experts say that it improves functionality, performance, look, and feel of a website. A responsive website looks clean, modern, slick, and helps builds trust among your target customers.

Furthermore, if you have an adaptive web design, your target users will enjoy a digital brand experience and can easily find what they are looking for in a website.

Data suggests that every company who invested in designing a responsive web design has witnessed a 62% growth in sales and revenue.

5. Saves Time and Cost On Site Maintenance/ Management

It goes without saying that maintaining and managing a website is an essential part of any on-line business. With responsive web design, you will find it extremely easy in maintaining and managing a single website.

The best part is,  you will find less issues with managing the contents. Moreover, a single administrative website can easily be optimized by means of layout and work-flow tools.

The best part – you will face 0 issues in managing the contents and site templates.

Additionally, you can also apply your business logic during the development phase of the website so that the overall experience of the users is significantly enhanced.

6. Enhances User’s Off-Line Browsing Experience

Responsive web design enables the site owners to deliver top-notch contents to audiences across all devices. The off-line browsing capabilities of the websites are simply unparalleled. It can be easily accessed on the go.

Experts speak that with the increase in sales of mobiles and smartphones, the popularity of responsive websites will only surge. The email, newsletters, and content contained in responsive web applications can be consumed on the move, even without a stable internet connection.

7. Consolidates Analytics and Reporting

A single responsive website implies that you will not have to track the user journeys, conversion paths, funnels, and redirection between sites individually. Website analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, is now optimized to handle multiple devices and quick reporting.

All the tracking and analytics tool continue to function seamlessly in a single website. You will not counter any problem in handling multiple devices and quick reporting.

Responsive web design will definitely help you to stay ahead of the trend. It reduces the developmental and maintenance cost, as well as, improves the visibility on the search engines.

Reports suggest, with the increase in sales of tablet and smartphones and an increase in content consumption on mobile devices, responsive web design is the key to keep up with the competitors and establish a significant market share.

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